I’m interested in how contemporary society functions, coupled with questions of my own identity and explorations into different cultural environments.  Taking a critical look at the current global society – my thought process is influenced by how we perceive cultures, the environment, and trending socio-economic situations.  I spend as much time as possible traveling and looking for adventure, open to the experience of new environments, countries and people while allowing myself to step back and examine who I really am.  Through my journeys I question issues of individual and cultural identity, how I fit in and function in society and how cultures influence personal and collective identity.   These new concepts influence the direction of the work based on my own experiences.  Materials are very important to the work that I create, in conjunction with the environment itself.  Oftentimes discarded, obsolete, repurposed or recycled industrial items make their way into my projects, only to have the original function transformed to fit into my new concepts.  The physical interaction with foreign environments transforms into representations of ideas and influences from other societies. This sensibility of interacting with a new environment, along with the viewer’s perception, looking in from the outside, or vice versa, is important to the concepts within the work. The role of identity in a new culture is important to me, allowing an investigation into how one responds within a new domain.